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Washington, D.C. —  Listen to the sound byte here.

THUNE: I appreciate very much the opportunity to meet with the Japanese Ambassador. I think it was a useful dialogue in helping him understand the enormous pressure that those of us who represent cattle country are facing to get this market open to our livestock products again. And I’m hopeful that what happened here today will be a catalyst to making that happen.

REPORTER: (Unintelligible question regarding timing of Japan resuming trade)

THUNE: The thing that is terribly frustrating about this is there are no timelines. There are no deadlines. There is no indication that there was any certainty about when this will happen. And to me it sounds like a bunch of bureaucratic mumbo jumbo about the process that they have in that country. I think it’s really important that for those of us who represent cattle country, that there be some indication given with some certainty, about when we can expect this to happen. Otherwise, there are many of us who are going to follow the lead of the House and introduce or get on bills that will impose some sort of economic retaliatory measures.”