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WASHINGTON, DC —  Senator John Thune made the following comments today on the sixth anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001:

"As I reflect back on the events of September 11, 2001, I am struck by the countless acts of heroism we witnessed that day by ordinary Americans. When tragedy struck in New York, police officers, firefighters and first responders put concerns for their own safety aside and ran into burning buildings to save others. On United Flight 93, passengers decided to do everything in their power to retake control of the plane and prevent the terrorists from using it as a missile in our nation's capital. At the Pentagon, military and civilian personnel along with firefighters, police officers and first responders pulled burned and bewildered survivors out of harm's way as quickly as possible.

"These countless acts of heroism unfolded that day, I believe, because Americans have a long tradition of reaching out and helping those in need. The best of America was on display that day and that is something that should make us all proud.

"In contrast, that day we witnessed the pure evil of the terrorist enemy we face. These radical Islamic extremists are bent on the death and destruction of Americans, our allies and our way of life. Because of this sad fact, it is vital to the future of peace-loving people across the globe that we not only remember the innocent lives that ended that day, but to recommit to defend what we believe in and stand up to and defeat this enemy of freedom."