Recent Press Releases

Washington, D.C. —  Senator John Thune today marked his 100th day in the U.S. Senate, saying he was proud of his accomplishments so far and hopeful that threats to shut down the Senate would not slow the legislative success.

Since Thune’s swearing-in on January 4, 2005, the Congress has already passed meaningful lawsuit and bankruptcy reforms that had been stalled for years and will create thousands of new jobs. The Senate has also moved forward with legislation to promote renewable fuels like ethanol and to reduce America’s dependence on foreign sources of energy by opening ANWR to oil exploration. This month the Senate moved closer to passing a long-overdue highway bill and critical funding for our troops overseas.

Thune has played an active role in helping pass legislation, sponsoring and co-sponsoring over 30 pieces of original legislation. The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee recently passed Thune’s ethanol bill, which would require refineries to blend 6 billion gallons of ethanol into gasoline by 2012. The bill improves similar legislation that ethanol and oil producers agreed to last Congress, but stalled as part of the energy bill. Thune also sponsored a resolution to open Japan’s market to U.S. beef and co-sponsored a Constitutional Amendment to protect traditional marriage.

“I came to Congress to get things done, and so far we are delivering,” Thune said. “We have passed long-stalled legislation to create new jobs. We are moving forward with legislation to expand renewable fuels, promoting ethanol and domestic energy exploration. We have a lot of heavy lifting ahead of us and I'm hopeful we'll be able to continue on this pace and create a record of accomplishment for the American people.”

Looking towards the next 100 days, Thune said he worried the Senate’s ambitious agenda might stall if Democrats follow through on threats to “shut down” the Senate over the judicial nominee issue.

“The people in this country want to see the Senate work and function effectively,” Thune said. “The Democrats have threatened to shut the Senate down if they don't get their way on judicial nominees. What we're simply saying is the Constitution requires and it's been the Senate's role for the past 200 years to at least vote up-or-down on judicial nominees.”

Quick Facts about Thune’s First 100 Days:

  • Sponsored three original pieces of legislation (S.606, S.374, S.RES.87)
  • Co-sponsored 30 pieces of legislation, including Class Action Reform, expanded country-of-origin labeling (COOL), a permanent repeal of the death tax, and a Constitutional amendment to Protect Traditional Marriage
  • Elected Deputy Majority Whip and Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s Inner Circle
  • Appointed to Senate Armed Services, Environment and Public Works, Veterans Affairs and Small Business committees.
  • Joined congressional delegations to Iraq and Alaska.