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ICYMI: What They’re Saying About the CASE Act

March 19, 2015 - March 20, 2015

Earlier this week, U.S. Sens. John Thune (R-S.D.) and Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) introduced their bipartisan bill to block the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from implementing costly regulations that would increase energy prices, curb job growth, and hinder economic opportunities by setting the ground-level ozone standard at an unprecedented low level. In case you missed it, here is what has been said about Thune and Manchin’s bill, The Clean Air, Strong Economies (CASE) Act:

“As proposed, the new standards could impose unachievable emission reduction requirements in virtually every part of the nation, including rural and undeveloped areas … If President Obama is serious about lifting up the middle class and closing the income inequality gap, the last thing his administration should do is threaten jobs and our energy and manufacturing renaissance with unnecessary new regulations.”

                        -Howard Feldman, Director of Regulatory Affairs, American Petroleum Institute

                        The Hill “Oil lobby wants ozone rule scrapped” 3/16/15

“Senators who speak and vote against this bipartisan bill will have to explain to their constituents what it is that makes them think the local economies in their states can suffer this sort of punishment right now.”

                        -Washington Examiner Editorial  3/17/2015

“The bipartisan CASE Act would provide some much needed relief from what could be the most expensive regulation of all time, not only costing manufacturing productivity and GDP, but also jobs for American families.”

                        -National Association of Manufacturers

“We applaud Senators Thune and Manchin and Congressmen Olson and Latta for reintroducing the CASE Act. Their bill will help ensure that manufacturers eager to invest in the U.S. have a clear regulatory process and cost-effective, feasible standards. It’s a common-sense approach that lets local economies grow even as air quality continues to improve.

                        -American Chemistry Council

“The current standards are working, air quality is improving, and the United States is leading the world in reducing emissions. The EPA’s new rule could be so strict that even pristine national parks like Yellowstone would be considered too polluted.”

                        -American Petroleum Institute

“EPA’s move to tighten already strict ozone standards would impose significant costs to farmers and ranchers. We believe The Clean Air, Strong Economies (CASE) Act would ensure previous ozone standards are met before EPA piles additional regulatory burdens on our rural communities and our farms and ranches. Without the CASE Act, the hardship to farmers, ranchers, and rural America would be real and immediate, while the benefits of EPA’s new standards would continue to be unverified and uncertain.”

                        - American Farm Bureau Federation

“More businesses are exiting our economy than being created, and the EPA will only accelerate this economically painful trend if the proposed ozone standard is allowed to move forward.  The legislation offered by Senators Thune and Manchin is critical to new business formation and job growth in America.  There has to be a level of common sense brought to bear on EPA's ozone rule, and the CASE Act does just that.”

                        -Karen Kerrigan, President & CEO, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

“‘Nonattainment’ designations under the ozone NAAQS are often viewed as devastating for economic and business development in an area because they lead to permitting delays, restrictions on expansion, increased costs to industry, and adverse impacts on transportation planning. Consequently—as called for by the CASE Act—it is imperative that the EPA consider all relevant factors, use the best scientific data, and be completely transparent in its review and setting of any ozone standard.”

                        -R. Bruce Josten, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

“We applaud Senators John Thune and Joe Manchin and Congressman Pete Olson for once again proposing common sense ozone legislation that creates a balanced approach toward cleaner air while allowing for continued economic growth … Safe and responsible oil and natural gas production in shale regions across the country supports 1.7 million jobs and $238 billion in economic activity every year and has helped fuel a manufacturing renaissance projected to add 1 million jobs by 2025. The Clean Air Strong Economic Act seeks to continue that progress by working to avoid overly burdensome and costly regulations.”

                        -America’s Natural Gas Alliance