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Giving Thanks for Mom

April 25, 2014

Each year in early May we join as a country to celebrate the extraordinary role mothers play in each of our lives. Kids get out the construction paper, macaroni, and glue, and design homemade cards to be given to their mother with sticky hands and proud smiles. Moms everywhere will receive breakfast in bed, bouquets of flowers, and blessings at the morning church service as a reminder of how important their love, support, and affection are to us.

Mother’s Day gathers young and old to celebrate the women in our lives who reared us, cared for us, and have taught us what it means to be a part of a family. The day brings together communities across our country to celebrate the mothers and the women who provide us with love and support, and whose gentle words of encouragement, wisdom, and strength leave a lasting mark of love and joy in our lives.

My wife, Kimberley, has always been an extraordinary example of a faithful, intelligent, loving, and caring mother to our two daughters, but this year it has been particularly special to watch her share meaningful memories with each of them as we celebrated their weddings. Both of us had high emotions surrounding such important and special days in each of our daughters lives, yet while I struggled with the magnitude of the days’ events, it was Kimberley who prepared details, tended to guest lists, and helped remind both of our girls what a marriage is truly about. As I watch my daughters grow a little more like Kimberley each year, I am reminded of the grace and love she shares with our family every day.

Mother's Day is special for all mothers and their children, but it is especially poignant for those mothers who are serving in the military or have their spouse, or sons and daughters who are serving overseas. I ask South Dakotans to keep those mothers and their children in their thoughts and prayers.

This Mother’s Day, let us all be sure to tell the mothers in our lives how much they mean to us. While my own mother has passed on to her heavenly home, she will always be a part of me both through memories and the lessons she taught making me the person I am today. I wish a very happy Mother’s Day to my wife Kimberley, my mother-in-law Esther, and to all of the mothers across South Dakota.