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A New Chapter

November 5, 2010

The campaign advertisements are over and the yard signs have been taken down. Election Day has come and gone and a new group of legislators will soon come to Washington. The American people sent a strong message this past Election Day and we must be ready to address the serious challenges that face our nation in a way that does not compromise the conservative, common sense principles our country was founded on.

Unemployment remains at an unacceptable level and our national debt continues to rise. In South Dakota and across the country, voters sent a clear message that they expect their elected officials to stop this massive expansion of government and instead begin to create policies that will allow the private sector to grow, create jobs, and truly help hardworking people realize the American dream.

The need for common sense solutions has never been greater. Congress cannot delay in extending tax relief for families and small businesses, repealing the recently enacted health care bill and replacing it with reforms that will actually reduce the overall cost of health care, ending the era of taxpayer funded bailouts, and reducing the out of control federal spending that has occurred over the past two years.

While the challenges facing our nation are great, the American people are strong, resourceful, and full of ingenuity. When freed from burdensome government regulations, citizens in our state can achieve great and lasting success in all aspects of life. As a new body of Congress, we must always be mindful of the message South Dakotans and Americans have sent to us. I stand ready to work with my colleagues, regardless of their political party, to help put our country and our economy back on the right track.