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It’s the time of the year when communities across South Dakota commence with their annual homecoming celebrations. From Sisseton to Spearfish, school festivities bring together current students, alumni, and community members to cheer on the hometown team and renew their school spirit. Whether it is the parades, the tailgates, or the highly anticipated Friday night football games, homecoming is one of the biggest events of the year for many towns in South Dakota.

Growing up in Murdo, it seemed like the biggest football game of the year almost always landed on homecoming. As a young high school quarterback, I remember my nervous jitters walking onto the field for the homecoming game, waiting for the first snap, and hearing the crowd as they cheered on the Coyotes. From the football game to the homecoming dance, these high school homecoming memories are time-honored traditions in South Dakota.

While at the University of South Dakota working on my master’s degree, I was able to experience firsthand one of South Dakota’s collegiate homecoming traditions. I have great memories of Dakota Days in Vermillion and I still enjoy the opportunity to catch a little Coyote football.

As I’ve traveled South Dakota, I have had the opportunity to participate in various college homecoming celebrations across the state. This year I was glad to be in Aberdeen for Gypsy Days and look forward to attending the 100th anniversary of Hobo Days in Brookings. The schools each have unique traditions that make their celebrations exciting for alumni and students. At every school, I enjoy connecting with friends and community members whose pride and school spirit inspire us to continue to support South Dakota schools and their athletic programs.

Kimberley and I wish all communities and universities across the state a fun and safe homecoming season.