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Thousands of children throughout South Dakota have lived without one, and in some cases, both of their parents while they are serving in the U.S. military far away from home. These quiet warriors face an array of stresses that most children will never have to consider, including anxiety about the safety of their parents.

South Dakota has approximately 7,000 children of military parents. These military children share their moms and dads with all of us so that America will remain the greatest nation in the world. Oftentimes, their quiet and continued sacrifices go unnoticed by their classmates, teammates, and friends. Many of these children are required to take on responsibilities in their home life and grow up faster than their peers.

In an effort to show appreciation and gratitude to these brave children, April has been designated as a time to pay tribute to our nation’s military kids.

Nationally, April 13, 2012, has been proclaimed Purple Up for Military Kids Day and organizers are encouraging Americans to wear purple as a sign of appreciation for our nation’s military children.

Here in South Dakota, Governor Dennis Daugaard officially proclaimed April to be the Month of the Military Child, saying, “I urge all citizens, business, and government leaders to observe the month with appropriate ceremonies and activities that honor, support, and thank military children.”

There are many opportunities for South Dakotans to get involved and I encourage all citizens to find activities in your community.

Our nation’s military children play no small part in protecting America's freedom.