Recent Op-Eds

South Dakota has a proud legacy of military service, extending from some of our state's earliest days to our current conflicts around the globe. South Dakotans of every background have always answered the call to defend America from those who seek to destroy the freedom that we cherish. I doubt there are many South Dakotans who do not have a family member or friend who has worn one of our nation's uniforms.

May is National Military Appreciation month, and provides all of us an opportunity to recognize the role our servicemen and women play in making America the greatest country on earth. Our nation has done remarkable things throughout its short history to make the world a better place abroad and at home. Our troops have protected our citizens from foreign and domestic threats, and fought in the name of liberty all over the world. 

Last month I had the opportunity to welcome home the 927th Survey and Design team of the South Dakota National Guard from a nine month deployment to Kuwait and Afghanistan. It is always a privilege to watch our troops return home to their families and their communities. These servicemen and women represent some of the best that both South Dakota and our nation have to offer, and they make us proud to call them family, friends, and neighbors.

Honoring our troops and veterans also includes helping preserve their legacy, history, and stories. One way that people can continue to preserve the memories of our servicemen and women is through the Veterans History Project through the Library of Congress. Interviewing your friends and family can be a great way to learn more about their experience and contributions during their time serving our country. I encourage people to visit for more information.

I invite all South Dakotans to join me in not only remembering those who have fought for our freedom and liberty, but in making a commitment to honor our living heroes throughout the entire year in our thoughts, prayers, and actions as they continue to serve on our behalf.