Recent Op-Eds

Every day, South Dakota families pay their bills, plan for the future, and strive to live within their means. I believe the federal government should do the same. Day after day, I hear from South Dakotans about their concerns with our out-of-control federal debt. They are worried about the burden that will be left on their children and grandchildren and the economic consequences of our debt, like slower economic growth and fewer opportunities.

To address these concerns, the Republican-led Senate recently passed a budget that will reduce spending by $5.1 trillion and balance in 10 years – all without raising taxes on hardworking South Dakotans. In contrast, the president’s budget never balances. Not now. Not in 10 years. Not in 75 years. His budget would add $7.4 trillion to our debt while raising taxes by $1.8 trillion to grow the government. 

South Dakotans understand that spending more than what you take in leads to an unsustainable financial future. With the national debt skyrocketing, it’s high time for that same kind of common sense in Washington. Senate Republicans understand what’s at stake, which is why our balanced budget will create a framework for a more efficient, effective, and accountable federal government. It’s a clear contrast to the days of Democrat leadership in the Senate, when for years Democrats refused to pass a balanced budget, or any budget at all.

Returning fiscal sanity to Washington, D.C., is exactly what Republicans meant when we said that we wanted to get Washington working again for the American people. A responsible budget like the one we just passed is long overdue. Our budget preserves Social Security, enhances U.S. energy independence, supports our military and national security, and provides Congress with its best chance yet to repeal and replace Obamacare. Most importantly, it creates a path to a sustainable fiscal future for America and our future generations. While additional work remains to address our fiscal challenges, the Senate-passed budget is a big step toward serious accountability in Washington and greater opportunity for all Americans.