Recent Op-Eds

Another year has passed and 2011 is now upon us. The New Year gives us an opportunity to reflect on the year that has gone by and on what we hope to accomplish in the months ahead. It is a time to consider new solutions to the problems of the day and plan for the future.

This past year, I was pleased to see my bipartisan Red Flags bill signed into law. This legislation will help clarify a misdirected federal regulation that would have hurt small businesses throughout South Dakota and across our country. I will continue to look for opportunities like this to protect small businesses from government intrusion and allow them to grow, prosper, and create jobs.

Additionally, after years of working on the Tribal Law and Order Act, of which I was an original cosponsor, the bill passed both chambers of Congress, and was signed into law by the President on July 29, 2010. I am pleased to have worked with tribal leaders and my colleagues in the Senate to assist in creating greater protection and security in Indian Country.

As newly elected officials are sworn in soon and a new session of Congress begins, Congress has a great responsibility to address the serious concerns that face our nation, including our ever-increasing national debt and deficit. I will continue to build on the budget reform bill that I introduced in the last session of Congress and constantly seek out ways to restore fiscal sanity in Washington.

America is not an exceptional country by mere coincidence or happenstance, but by the extraordinary vision of our founding fathers and present day citizens who are committed to ensuring freedom and liberty in our country. As Congress begins anew this year, it is my hope that elected leaders will recognize the freedoms we value and work to ensure a more prosperous country for future generations.

As we reflect on the past year and plan for the future, we should all be thankful for the freedoms we enjoy and for those who defend these freedoms at home and oversees in the U.S. military. Kimberley, Brittany, Larissa, and I all wish each and every South Dakotan a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. May God continue to bless South Dakota and our great nation.