Recent Op-Eds

In South Dakota and across our country, we have seen the way that communities come together in tough times to help those who are suffering. There is no question that today we face serious economic challenges, and I am optimistic that we will pull through. In the meantime, however, there will be those who need a helping hand through difficult times.

This March is National Red Cross Month. For over a century, the Red Cross has served the needs of struggling people, including those injured in war, those suffering economic hardship, and those affected by natural disasters. Their work continues to this day in South Dakota and across the world, and their efforts are truly appreciated. This winter, when blizzards in western South Dakota left many people without power and without the ability to travel, the Red Cross was there with necessary assistance, as they have been in recent years for victims of floods, fires, and tornadoes across South Dakota.

In difficult economic times, charitable organizations often suffer declining revenues. When families reexamine their budgets, charitable contributions are often reduced. This is both understandable and unfortunate, but there are ways you can help if a financial donation is not an option for you and your family.

The Red Cross and other charitable organizations throughout South Dakota are always looking for volunteers to respond to natural disasters. The Red Cross also runs numerous blood drives across South Dakota and across the nation. Giving blood can help save lives and make a positive difference without having to make a financial contribution. I encourage South Dakotans to contact their local Red Cross office or to watch for blood drives in their area, as well as other opportunities to help.

Tough economic times are an opportunity for South Dakotans, and all Americans, to come together and help those in need. Even when it is more challenging to make financial contributions, I encourage South Dakotans to consider volunteering, giving blood, and extending a hand to those in need, all of which can make a difference.