As your U.S. senator, I believe that protecting and preserving our environment and natural resources for future generations is very important. States like South Dakota have an inherent interest in providing for the well-being of its citizens and businesses through protecting and preserving our water resources and the environment, which are the lifeblood of our agricultural, hunting, and tourism industries.

However, we must be careful to find a balance between preserving our environment and natural resources and ensuring that landowners are not overburdened with federal regulations. It has become all too common for unelected federal bureaucrats to attempt to increase their authority through the regulatory process, as the Obama EPA sought to do with regulations like the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule. Such rules would strain key South Dakota industries, like agriculture and tourism, with costly compliance costs and bureaucracy. As your U.S. senator, I will continue to oppose any federal overreach and support sensible policies to protect our environment and natural resources for generations to come.

South Dakota is fortunate to have significant alternative energy resources, including wind and a strong agriculture sector that allows for the production of renewable fuels, like cellulosic ethanol and biodiesel. In a very short period of time, our state has become one of the nation’s leaders when it comes to research, production, and use of renewable energy.

I look forward to working with the Trump administration to reduce regulations and implement pro-growth energy and environmental policies. By encouraging domestic energy production, increasing America’s renewable energy supply, and reducing consumption, we can ultimately achieve lower energy costs, lower emissions, greater energy independence, and a stronger economy.