Sen. Thune believes too much of South Dakotans’ hard-earned paychecks already go to paying taxes, and for small businesses, attempting to comply with burdensome regulations can be costly. He’s fighting hard to reduce both and make it easier and cheaper for small businesses to create jobs and for their employees to keep more of what they earn.

Highlights of Sen. Thune’s Commitment to Protecting Small Businesses and Family Budgets:

  • Protecting Businesses and Families From Big Government Regulations:
    • Sen. Thune has actively opposed the EPA’s regulation that would significantly expand its authority to regulate small wetlands, creeks, stock ponds, and ditches under the “Waters of the U.S.” rule.
    • Sen. Thune helped introduce a resolution that would have blocked implementation of the administration’s “Time Card Rule” (Overtime Rule). This rule would force workers to log hours and limit their ability to negotiate a flexible work arrangement.
    • Sen. Thune introduced the bipartisan Reliable Home Heating Act to address the emergency shortages of propane and other home heating fuels, while providing greater flexibility for governors to address such emergencies in the future.
    • Sen. Thune voted for the Every Student Succeeds Act, which put an end to the Department of Education’s bureaucratic Common Core mandate.
  • Protecting Families From Onerous Tax Increases:
    • Sen. Thune authored the Taxpayer Bill of Rights Enhancement Act of 2015, which gives Americans a tax collection agency that is accountable and respects their due process rights.
    • Sen. Thune introduced the bipartisan Internet Tax Freedom Forever Act, which prevents state and local jurisdictions from imposing new taxes on the internet and multiple and discriminatory taxes on e-commerce.
    • Sen. Thune’s Death Tax Repeal Act would completely repeal the federal estate tax, a law that imposes burdensome costs on family farms and family businesses.