Recent Press Releases

Washington, D.C. —  Senator John Thune today issued the following statement regarding the Senate Budget Committee's markup of the Fiscal Year 2008 Budget Resolution:

"In a complete about-face, Senate Democrats seem to have already changed their minds about tax hikes. When the Democrats gained the Majority in the Senate, they pledged not to increase taxes, but the Budget Resolution they have announced for 2008 does just that. Unfortunately for American taxpayers, the Democrat plan could translate into the greatest tax hike in history, to the tune of $900 billion over five years.

"On top of a tax hike of historic proportions, the Democrat Budget Resolution fails to include entitlement reform, and increases discretionary spending by $16 billion over the President's proposal. That's $16 billion to make government bigger, more expensive and more bureaucratic.

"As the Budget Resolution stands, I have some serious reservations about the burden it would put on hard-working men and women in South Dakota. I hope the final product is one I can support that looks out for the taxpayer, doesn't slow recent economic growth, and doesn't leave an inflated bill for future generations to pay."