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Thune's E10 Blend Wall Amendment Passes The Senate Ag Committee

The Committee is Considering the 2007 Farm Bill

October 24, 2007

Washington, D.C. —  The Senate Agriculture Committee today unanimously agreed to include Senator Thune's E10 Blend Wall amendment to the Committee's markup of the 2007 Farm Bill. Senator Thune is a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Senator Thune's amendment is a "Sense of the Senate" Resolution that describes the importance of intermediate blends of ethanol in non-flex fuel vehicles. More importantly, this amendment directs the U.S. Department of Agriculture to work with the Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, and Environmental Protection Agency in approving higher blends of ethanol fuel within one year of the successful completion of all necessary parts compatibility and environmental studies.

"The demand for ethanol is growing at a record pace. Without the approval of intermediate blends, the ethanol industry will be limited by the E10 blend wall. The approval of intermediate blends of ethanol is critical to ensuring the future of this domestic supply of homegrown energy," said Thune.

This resolution also directs the U.S. Department of Agriculture to conduct a study on the rural economic impacts of the E10 blend wall and of increasing the demand for ethanol in general. This study would examine the impact on rural economic activity and job creation if the demand for ethanol is constrained to the E10 blend market and E85 infrastructure and transportation infrastructure continues to expand at current pace. The study would be submitted to the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee within 180 days after the enactment of this bill.