Recent Press Releases

Washington D.C. —  U.S. Senator John Thune announced today he is accepting applications for the position of United States Attorney for the District of South Dakota. The U.S. Attorney’s Office, which has regional offices in Sioux Falls, Rapid City, and Pierre, prosecutes federal crimes occurring in South Dakota and represents the United States in civil litigation in the federal courts.

South Dakota’s current U.S. Attorney, James McMahon, will step down at the end of January and return to private practice.

“Jim McMahon did an excellent job as our U.S. Attorney and will be greatly missed,” Thune said. “Now the search begins to find another well-qualified attorney to fill this critical position.”

After receiving the applications, Thune will consult members of the South Dakota bar before making his selection.

“I am assembling a ‘qualifications review panel,’ made up of well-respected members of the South Dakota legal community, to help me select the best possible person,” Thune said. “The panel will review the applications carefully and advise me on the best qualified individuals to serve as U.S. Attorney. We are considering the very best legal talent in South Dakota.”

Following the panel’s recommendation, Senator Thune will consult with the Department of Justice and make a recommendation to the White House as to whom the President should nominate. U.S. Attorney nominees require confirmation by the United States Senate.

The application period will remain open until February 10, 2005. Applications (a resume and cover letter) can be faxed to Senator Thune at (202) 228-5429.