Indian Affairs

South Dakota's nine tribes of the Great Sioux Nation face numerous challenges. I am committed to helping South Dakota’s tribes face those challenges and believe that many issues in Indian country must be addressed in new ways. Specifically, I am committed to promoting economic development and working to ensure there is basic law and order in Indian communities.

One significant success was the enactment of the Tribal Law and Order Act. As an original cosponsor, I am proud of the changes that were made, including allowing federal magistrates to hold court and other proceedings in tribal court and increasing the maximum hiring age of Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) law enforcement officers, which hopefully will lead to increased safety and rule of law in Indian Country.

Even with this success there is still much more work to be done. I will continue working to ensure that the BIA and the Indian Health Service are responsive to Tribal needs. Most importantly, I will continue to promote open communication by holding regular meetings with tribal leaders and representatives to explore new ways to improve conditions in Indian country.