I oppose efforts to enact comprehensive immigration reform that would provide immediate or near-immediate legal status to between 12 and 20 million illegal immigrants estimated to be in the United States. Because we need to be doing more when it comes to stopping illegal immigration, I supported legislation authorizing and funding the construction of reinforced fencing along 700 miles of the southwest border, as well as legislation to secure the northern border.

I believe that, before we deal with those illegal immigrants already here, we must first secure the borders of our country to effectively cut off the flood of illegal immigrants. Otherwise, we will be dealing with illegal immigration on a much larger scale a generation from now. Immigration is an important and vital aspect of America's history. However, while we are a nation of immigrants, we are also a nation of laws. It is imperative that the problem of illegal immigration does not overshadow America's ability to reward those who choose to lawfully become a part of our nation.